Heritage Glass Paperweight – Karl and Slawa with Umbrella c. 1935 



Handmade by Canberra Glassworks, these paperweights were commissioned by the Duldig Studio in 2021.  The featured image is turned into a decal and fired onto the rear surface of the glass. The glass itself is made by ladling molten glass into a graphite mould. Each one is hand-made and therefore you may see slight difference in thickness, the occasional small bubble or tool mark.

Karl and Slawa with Umbrella c. 1935 

Vienna, Austria 

Photograph, scanned from negative.
Collection: Duldig Studio Inv. No. 6462

About the Design:
(…and the magic umbrella of the sculptress. In the inventors pavilion at the Vienna spring fair…There are however also female inventors…the sculptress Slawa Horowitz, who has invented a magic umbrella that can be folded small enough to put in a bag…) Nr.58 Neuigkeits-Welt-Blatt Wein, Wednesday 11  March 1931, page 7
In 1929 Slawa took out world-wide patents for her invention of a new folding umbrella called Flirt. The umbrella went into production in Austria and Germany, and Slawa received royalties from it until 1938. In 1939 she sold her rights to the Austrian manufacturer, Bruder Wuster. Karl and Slawa are pictured here in Vienna, 1935 with her famous foldable umbrella.

Cost: $60 + $15 postage, to arrange collection from the museum please contact us at enquiries@duldig.org.au


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