Heritage Glass Paperweight – Silhouette, ‘A gift for you’ c. 1916



Handmade by Canberra Glassworks, these paperweights were commissioned by the Duldig Studio in 2021.  The featured image is turned into a decal and fired onto the rear surface of the glass. The glass itself is made by ladling molten glass into a graphite mould. Each one is hand-made and therefore you may see slight difference in thickness, the occasional small bubble or tool mark.

Silhouette, ‘A gift for you’ c. 1916

Slawa Horowitz-Duldig (1901-1975)

Black paper cut-out on tan paper
32 x 45 mm
Collection: Duldig Studio Inv. No. 3486

Signed, pencil in l.r.corner, “S.HOROWITZ 1916

About the design: 

This paper silhouette was created by Slawa Horowitz as a young student at the Art School for Women and Girls in Vienna. Papercut work such as this was a traditional women’s craft of Eastern Europe. The tiny work was given to her daughter Eva by her mother as a special gift.

Cost: $60 + $15 postage, to arrange collection from the museum please contact us at enquiries@duldig.org.au


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