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Each year our founder, Eva de Jong-Duldig, shares her insight into items in our collection at our Founder’s Event which are held at the Duldig Studio in East Malvern.  Over the past few years, prompted by Covid restrictions, we have begun recording these events.  Watch the recording below to gain an intimate insight into various items in our collection.

You can also see a range of audio tours and staff and volunteers sharing their experience of Duldig Studio on our Youtube channel

2023 Founders Event – Hidden Gems Revealed

Eva de Jong-Duldig, the founder the Duldig Studio speaks on “revealing a lost gem.” She will share how several items have been discovered and returned to the museum after many years including the most recent addition to the Duldig Studio collection.  Karl and Slawa have left many artworks behind as they first fled Vienna in 1939 and then were deported from Singapore to Australia in 1940.  A few of these treasured items have re-emerged and made their way across the world to join the Duldig Studio collection in East Malvern. 

Karl Duldig, 1902-1986

  • MALAY BOY, 1939, Bronze 1/3, Cast 1940, Singapore
  • ROSA NEBENZAHL, 1925, Earthenware, 2009, Vienna, rediscovered in Los Angeles California, USA
  • SELF PORTRAIT, 1919, Pencil on paper, 2017, Vienna, rediscovered in a Los Angeles flee market
  • AW BOON HAW, 1940, Bronze, Singapore, 1950’s rediscovered in Hong Kong
  • LA MADEMOISELLE D’OR Singapore 1940, earthenware and glazes, 2023 rediscovered in  France

2022 Founder’s Event – My Father’s Sculpture Garden

Eva de Jong-Duldig, the artist’s daughter and the founder of the Duldig Studio, reflects on the history and legacy of the Sculpture Garden.

Karl Duldig, believed that sculpture belongs in an outdoor setting, whether associated with the built environment or in a garden setting. This was already evident in Tatura, Victoria, where he placed sculptures outside the primitive corrugated iron hut which was our ‘internment’ home from 1940-42. Soon after we moved into our new home at 92 Burke Rd in 1955, he began to place sculptures around the perimeter of the back garden and he continued to place sculptures in the garden till the end of his life. Nearly all the sculptures in the Sculpture Garden were completed in Australia (post 1940). They are predominantly modelled in clay (terracotta / earthenware), though there are also examples of carvings in stone (marble and sandstone), castings in bronze, hand-beaten copper and cast lead. From the very beginning of his career, in 1920’s Vienna, portraits formed a very important part of Karl’s oeuvre. There were many commissioned portraits, but sometimes Karl would invite a stranger to sit for him with no prospect of selling the work. In the garden there are also heads which are imaginatively conceived and bear no resemblance to any living person.

2021 Founders Event – Lost Masterpiece Revealed 

On 22 August 2021 Dr Katie Allen, MP, Federal Member for Higgins, revealed for the first time a portrait of Antonia Horowitz, which was painted in 1920 by her daughter, the artist Slawa Horowitz-Duldig in Vienna, Austria. The painting, recently restored under a Community Heritage Grant from the National Library of Australia. The daughter of the artist and founder of the Duldig Studio, Eva de Jong-Duldig, shares some background on the portrait and the grandmother she never knew and Conservator Caroline Fry discusses her conservation approach. 

2020 Founder’s Event – The Queen Mary 80th Anniversary of arrival in Australia

The stories of Queen Mary ‘enemy alien’ refugees told by survivors and their descendants to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of their arrival in Australia. The speakers give varied accounts of their family’s experiences, both in Singapore and Australia, and although their stories were poignant, and in some cases tragic, they were often told with humour.