The Duldig Studio Gallery and Heritage rooms are accessible via wheelchair from the main entrance. 

The interior toilet, accessible through the kitchen, is accessible through a doorway that is 80 cm wide, and another door that is 80 cm wide. The length between both doors measures 105 cm. 

The back garden is accessible through the side gate to the right of the Studio’s Gallery Space, which is 114 cm wide. 

The pathway is lined with slate stones and gravel. There is a 101cm gap into the Sculpture Garden between Karl Duldig’s wooden shed and the Duldig Studio gallery.  

There are three steps leading into Karl’s 1962 Studio, the lowest measuring 13 cm high, the middle measuring 31 cm high, the highest measuring 47.5 cm high. 

The outside toilet has one step leading to it, measuring 9 cm. The doorway is 77cm side. 

The outside workshop has three steps leading to the doorway. The lowest step is 12 cm high, the middle is 15 cm high, and the highest step is 27 cm high. The doorway is 82 cm high. 

Sculpture Garden Audio Descriptions, Podcasts and Interviews

Supported by Creative Partnerships Plus 1 funding  and in collaboration with Vision Australia, key sculptures in the sculpture garden are described in audio files to augment your sculpture garden experience. 

A range of podcasts and interviews is also available including the “Creative Women in Conversation” series supported by the City of Stonnington and interviews with the museum founder, Eva de Jong – Duldig.


COVID-19 information

Please read through our key requirements for safe access and visitor attendance. If you have any questions, please contact the Duldig Studio at or call us on 9885 3358.  

We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about our requirements of entry as the COVID-19 period has been a challenging period for many. As a community, we are all in this together.  We will continue to monitor Victorian Government guidelines and update requirements as appropriate.

  • Hand sanitiser is available at all times.
  • Please self-assess how you are feeling before entering, and stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Be kind and patient with staff and volunteers.

Our COVID Safe plan outlines the commitment we have as a community-focused museum to protect the safety and wellbeing of Duldig Staff and Volunteers. The listed conditions of entry are designed to keep you, our staff and volunteers feeling safe and secure.