Learn more about the Duldig family story and their creative journey – Watch our award winning videos

Our 4 mini-documentaries are available on a DVD – Winner 2016 Victorian Community History Awards! Visit our STORE to purchase the DVD.

Against All Odds – The remarkable survival of a Viennese treasure (11min 16sec)
Europe Meets Asia – Karl Duldig, a Viennese sculptor in pre-war Singapore (13min 10sec)
Art Behind the Wire – Refugee families interned in Australia during WWII (11min 15sec)
Re-shaping the World – Karl Duldig, a European Modernist in Australia (12min 22 sec)

Gain an intimate insight into items of our collection through recordings of the Founder’s Events

You can also see a range of audio tours and staff and volunteers sharing their experience of Duldig Studio on our Youtube channel

Against All Odds

Europe Meets Asia

Art Behind the Wire

Re-Shaping the World

Flirt – the Magic Umbrella of the Sculptress

Hear about Slawa’s remarkable life and her famous invention – the folding umbrella.  Slawa’s story, told through her drawing, sculptures, fashion and furniture design is the focus of our current exhibition, SLAWA: modernist art+design.

The Studio of Karl Duldig – Stone Sculpture Techniques

A short and informative video about practical techniques in the craft of sculpting stone – a medium Karl Duldig worked in enthusiastically.

The Studio of Karl Duldig – Q&A with Stefan Damschke

An interview between museum director Lyndel Wischer and sculptor-in-residence and curator of The Studio of Karl Duldig exhibition, Stefan Damschke, about the work of Karl Duldig.

From the archives

VIDEO (2012, 2min 6sec)
A 2 minute virtual tour showcasing some of the works of Karl Duldig extracted from Ponto Combo’s 2006 film, The Duldig Studio. Watch here

VIDEO (2006, 10min 40sec)
Ponto Combo’s 2006 film introducing The Duldig Studio, a unique public not-for-profit ‘house’ museum and art gallery in Melbourne with narrative by Emily Clarke and Eva de Jong – Duldig. Watch here.