Umbrella Day Events



World Umbrella Day Event
Sunday 9 February, 2.00 - 4.00pm
Duldig Studio 92 Burke Rd, Malvern East

Celebrate the invention of the amazing umbrella at our World Umbrella Day event. There will be free activities, an umbrella parade with prizes, and light refreshments all in the beautiful surrounds of our sculpture garden.

Prepare for the parade!
Decorate an umbrella you already have, or purchase a white umbrella from us to decorate at home. Or you can simply bring your favorite umbrella from home to join in the parade. You can even dress up to match your brolly!

Limited Edition Umbrella launch
Be among the first to buy a limited edition umbrella designed by our Founder Eva de Jong-Duldig and launched to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Duldig family's arrival in Australia.

Slawa Horowitz-Duldig invented the modern folding umbrella in Vienna in 1929. It was manufactured in Austria and Germany and marketed throughout Europe. After the Duldig family fled Austria in 1938 she was forced to sell all her patent rights. Slawa’s daughter, Eva de Jong-Duldig, designed the umbrella for the Duldig Studio in 2019.

PRE-ORDER: Limited edition EVA umbrella

Cost: $45 each - available now for pre-order.
The umbrella will be launched at our World Umbrella Day event on Sunday 9 February and will be posted after this date. 


All umbrellas generously donated by Clifton Umbrellas.

Image: Sophia with her decorated umbrella and other entries in our Brilliant Brolly competition in 2019.

Brilliant Brolly - Umbrella Decoration 

Brilliant Brolly - join in the celebrations for International Umbrella Day by decorating your own umbrella - the sky is the limit!

If you're feeling creative, you can purchase a white umbrella to decorate at home and then join our Umbrella parade at our World Umbrella Day event.

Purchase an umbrella to decorate at home: $10