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Karl’ Sculpture Garden Sculpture Descriptions
Supported by Creative Partnerships Plus 1 funding  and in collaboration with Vision Australia, key sculptures in the sculpture garden are described in the following audio files to augment your sculpture garden experience.  

Inaugurated in 1986, the Annual Duldig Lecture on Sculpture commemorates the life and work of the sculptor Karl Duldig (1902-1986) and his wife, the artist and inventor Slawa Horowitz-Duldig (1902-1975).

2022 Duldig Lecture: Dr Shawn Sobers - Material culture and the echoes and legacies of transatlantic enslavement - before and after the Colston statue

Dr Shawn Sobers is Professor of Cultural Interdisciplinary Practice and convenor of the Critical Race and Culture Research Group at University of the West of England (UWE). Shawn is also a filmmaker, photographer and writer and a member of the “We are Bristol History Commission” which was set up in 2020 in response to the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston, a 17th century English merchant, slave trader, and member of Parliament. Shawn speaks about his work on the Commission, the re-display of the Colston sculpture and ideas and issues around public monuments and contested culture.

2021 Duldig Lecture: Maree Clarke 
Maree Clarke - Yorta Yorta / Wamba Wamba / Mutti Mutti / Boonwurrung artist, curator and researcher. Our guest speaker Maree Clarke discusses her multimedia installations of photography, painting, sculpture and new technologies that further explore the customary rituals and ceremonies of her ancestors.

2022 Founder's Event - Karl Duldig's Sculpture Garden - History and legacy
Eva de Jong-Duldig, the artist's daughter and the founder of the Duldig Studio, reflects on the history and legacy of the Sculpture Garden.

2021 Founders Event - Lost Masterpiece Revealed 
On 22 August 2021 Dr Katie Allen, MP, Federal Member for Higgins, revealed for the first time a portrait of Antonia Horowitz, which was painted in 1920 by her daughter, the artist Slawa Horowitz-Duldig in Vienna, Austria. The painting, recently restored under a Community Heritage Grant from the National Library of Australia. The daughter of the artist and founder of the Duldig Studio, Eva de Jong-Duldig, shares some background on the portrait and the grandmother she never knew and Conservator Caroline Fry discusses her conservation approach. 

Learn more about the Duldig family story and their creative journey - Watch our award winning videos
Our 4 mini-documentaries are available on a DVD - Winner 2016 Victorian Community History Awards! Visit our STORE to purchase the DVD.

Against All Odds - The remarkable survival of a Viennese treasure (11min 16sec)
Europe Meets Asia - Karl Duldig, a Viennese sculptor in pre-war Singapore (13min 10sec)
Art Behind the Wire - Refugee families interned in Australia during WWII (11min 15sec)
Re-shaping the World - Karl Duldig, a European Modernist in Australia (12min 22 sec)

You can also see a range of audio tours and staff and volunteers sharing their experience of Duldig Studio on our Youtube channel

Against All Odds - Discover the Duldig family's story of lucky escape from Vienna. 

Europe Meets Asia Discover the Singapore story

Art behind the wire - The Duldig family interned as 'Enemy Aliens' at Tatura.

Reshaping the worldthe modernist art of Karl Duldig in Europe, Asia and Australia

Flirt - the Magic Umbrella of the Sculptress - Hear about Slawa's remarkable life and her famous invention - the folding umbrella.  Slawa's story, told through her drawing, sculptures, fashion and furniture design is the focus of our current exhibition, SLAWA: modernist art+design.

From the archives
VIDEO (2012, 2min 6sec)
A 2 minute virtual tour showcasing some of the works of Karl Duldig extracted from Ponto Combo's 2006 film, The Duldig Studio. Watch here

VIDEO (2006, 10min 40sec)
Ponto Combo's 2006 film introducing The Duldig Studio, a unique public not-for-profit 'house' museum and art gallery in Melbourne with narrative by Emily Clarke and Eva de Jong - Duldig. Watch here.

The Studio of Karl Duldig - Stone Sculpture Techniques
A short and informative video about practical techniques in the craft of sculpting stone - a medium Karl Duldig worked in enthusiastically.

The Studio of Karl Duldig - Q&A with Stefan Damschke
An interview between museum director Lyndel Wischer and sculptor-in-residence and curator of The Studio of Karl Duldig exhibition, Stefan Damschke, about the work of Karl Duldig.

PODCASTS - Creative Women in Conversation
Creative Women in Conversation is Duldig Studio’s discussion series based around the exhibition SLAWA: modernist art + design. Inspired by the inventiveness of Slawa Horowitz-Duldig and presented by leading creative practitioners and local business women, the talks focus on themes represented in the exhibition and the links to contemporary art and design thinking and practice.

Supported by the City of Stonnington, these talks were presented throughout 2017-2018 and featured discussions by leading creative practitioners and local business women including;
FASHION AND STYLE with speakers Susan Dimasi and Jami Klisaris. 
SCULPTURE with Kate Rohde and Leah Justin.
TEXTILES with Cassie Byrnes and Laura Jocic.
FURNITURE DESIGN with Grazia Materia and Jane Scott.
PRODUCT DESIGN with Simone LeAmon and Helen Kontouris.
DESIGN THINKING with Claire Beale and Michele Murray.
INSPIRATION with Emily Siddons and Emma McRae.
THE CREATIVE SPIRIT with Monique di Mattina and Fiona Gruber.


PODCASTS - Eva de Jong-Duldig
Duldig Studio Founder and Patron Eva de Jong-Duldig talks about her memoir DRIFTWOOD
January 2018 - ABC The Drawing Room Patricia Karvelis 
December 2017 - ABC Drive

ABC Overnights - with Trevor Chappell 
May 2018 - A Family's Escape

Dashiel Lawrence, editor of People of the Boot interviews Eva de Jong-Duldig about her career in tennis. 
Plus61J - Interview with Eva de Jong-Duldig

Ashley Browne and Dashiel Lawrence discuss how they came up with the idea for the book ‘People of the Boot’.
Plus61J - Beyond the Stereotype: Jews in Australian Sport

ABC Overnights with Michael Pavlich
A Sculpture Gallery that tells a remarkable story of survival 

Eva de-Jong Duldig spoke to Rafael Epstein  for ABC Radio 'Drive' about her family story, the Studio and our current Brilliant Brolly Campaign. (Broadcast: Mon 11 Feb 2019, 4:00pm - listen at the 1hr 48min mark) - Listen here.