Karl Duldig – A Living Legacy


The Studio of Karl Duldig - A Living Legacy

Image: Studio room at 3 St.Thomas Walk, Singapore 1940. Photography © Duldig Gallery Inc.

This exhibition tells the story of the sculptor Karl Duldig, his journey from Europe to Australia and the studios he established along the way. He expressed his ideas in multiple mediums including stone, clay, wood, ceramics and bronze to create a powerful body of modernist works that communicate about family life, WWII, displacement and survival through art.

Visitors can see the major developments of Karl Duldig’s creative activity and explore the Studio he designed, built and worked in from 1962-1986.

Explore the items in the exhibition at your leisure by taking a virtual tour.

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Venues & Dates
Duldig Studio | Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 4pm; We are also open the second Sunday of each month via admission. We welcome booked tours with a minimum number of 6 and a maximum number of 15.

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