Connecting through Clay

Connecting Through Clay
Duldig Studio’s Collaborative Inter-generational Clay Program 

About the program:
In our unique Connecting through Clay projects children or students and adults are invited to team up and make ceramic work inspired by the Duldig Family Art Collection - a great opportunity for people of different ages to work together to learn about clay modelling and have fun at the same time.
Suitable for: Art Class Groups; Studio Art Class Groups; Families interested in making art together.

Age group/s: Students: 6 years – 15 years plus Parents & Carers (1 adult per child)

Expressions of interest to:
Lyndel Wischer, Museum Director

Connecting through Clay is supported by the City of Stonnington.

To make the program accessible during COVID-19 we ran two online workshops in the July 2020 school holiday period, led by Duldig Studio's Sculptor in Residence Stefan Damschke. Work created in these workshops is shown below and can also be viewed on the Duldig Studio Facebook and Instagram pages.

Connecting through Clay / ONLINE
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List of works
1. Winter Coat by Stefan (Workshop facilitator)
2. Rabbit by Stefan (Workshop facilitator)
3. Standing Figure by Stefan (Workshop facilitator)
4. Rabbit by Rei, age 11.

5. Rabbit by Hannah, age 8.
6. Pig by Hannah, age 8.
7. Rabbit by Martin, age 51.
8. A rabbit named Pretzl by Mia, age 11.
9. A rabbit named Shadow by Zac, age 8.
10. Rabbit habitat by Evie, age 20.
11. Duck Feeder by Jessie, age 9.
12. Stacking Ducks by Will, age 12.
13. Platyduck by Nara (age 49), Will (age 12) and Jessie (age 9).
14. Seated Girl by Mia, age 11.
15. Bunny by Mia, age 11.
16. Family in a car by Zac, age 8.
17. Whistling penguin by Zac, age 8.
18. Teapot by Jill, age 71.
19. Self portrait by Lucy, age 43.