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Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures

Our beautiful Bronze Editions are commissioned by discerning private collectors and major public cultural institutions.

Duldig Studio offers a distinctive selection of bronze sculptures by Karl Duldig to be cast for private and public collections. This is done under the careful supervision of the Studio’s Founder – Eva de Jong-Duldig and Curator and Sculptor in Residence – Stefan Damschke and editions are limited. Please contact the Studio with enquiries about this rare opportunity to collect a limited edition of some of Karl Duldig’s significant and beautifully modelled work.

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Karl Duldig
Sculptor Karl Duldig often worked in bronze. Some of his bronze sculptures were commissioned portraits, for example, Malay Boy National Art Gallery, Singapore  or monuments, for example Monument to Jewish Sportsmen, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Karl Duldig often cast sculptures of his choice into bronze for purely artistic reasons. His  selections were based on his  assessment of the quality of the work and its suitability for casting. He retained as much control as possible over the finishing of his bronze sculptures and perfected his own methods. This depended on the texture or surface of the cast, chasing and burnishing according to the nature of each individual piece.

Karl Duldig appreciated the specific qualities of the bronze medium and the opportunities these offered for artistic expression. The durability of bronze and its suitability for placement in outdoor locations were additional attractions.

At the time of the artist’s death in 1986, there were approximately 50 bronze sculptures in his collection. Currently there are many sculptures in the Bronze Editions catalogue. Most of these were already editioned by Karl Duldig, while some have been added to the catalogue posthumously. Limited editions of these sculptures can be acquired from the Duldig Studio with established provenance. Stefan Damschke, the Duldig Studio's resident sculptor, finishes all editioned works according to Karl Duldig’s traditional methods.

Karl Duldig (1902 –1986), Colt, 1976. Bronze.  

Karl’s fascination with horses began at a young age. While he was a student at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna in the 1920’s he was often to be found watching the horses training at a nearby trotting track in the Prater and all his life he loved to draw, model or carve horses.

In 1976 Karl created a distinctive series of ‘lost wax’ sculptures. In this method the original form is consumed in the process of transforming it into metal. Not surprisingly one of the subjects he chose to model in this medium was the sprightly form of a foal (Colt). After carefully softening the wax over a candle flame, Karl quickly moulded the wax with his hands to create this small horse which displays a freedom of movement not easily achieved using other materials or methods.

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