Brilliant Brolly Decoration Competition


Duldig Studio is running an umbrella decorating competition to celebrate the invention of the “magical umbrella” that readily folds into our hands, to raise money to conserve and care for our collection and support our educational programs.

Slawa Horowitz-Duldig invented, patented and marketed her modern folding umbrella in Vienna in 1929. She was forced to sell her patents in 1938 when together with her husband, the sculptor Karl Duldig, and baby Eva the family fled Vienna and began their long journey to Australia via Switzerland and Singapore. The umbrella prototype, drawings, and patent documents are key works in the Duldig Studio’s collection and fundamental to the Duldig Story.

Be inspired to design your own “Brilliant Brolly” and join us in our celebration of inventiveness and creativity!

Open Category Key Dates
Entries must be delivered to Duldig Studio before 5pm Thursday 21 March 2019
Finished umbrellas can be returned to the Studio
- During opening hours - NOTE we are open this Sunday 17 March 1-4PM or
- Left by the front door anytime - but please send an email to so we can collect it.

Twilight Umbrella Opening 6 April 5:00-7:00pm
- Umbrellas for Auction 5:00-7:00pm
- Winners Announced & Prizes Awarded 6:00pm 


Primary Student            $250 (sponsored by Clifton Australia) - Awarded to Melina Anderson, Tropical flowers
Secondary Student       $500 - Won by Erin Tuohey, The Way Down
Open Category             $1000
Peoples’ choice            Art materials to the value of $250 (sponsored by Senior Art)

Conditions of entry

  • Umbrellas provided by Duldig Studio must be used - donated by Clifton Australia
  • You can decorate your umbrella any way you like, with whatever material you choose
  • An opening $10 bid is included in the entry fee as the first bid to buy back the decorated umbrella on Umbrella Day - if you are out bid you can request a refund of $10 or donate it back to the museum
  • Winning entries for each category will be based upon category-appropriate skills and creativity
  • Judges’ decisions will be final
  • Peoples’ choice winner will be based on voting at the Studio on Saturday 6 April and will close at 6:00pm - Competition winner is not eligible for people's choice award.
  • Duldig Studio board members are not eligible for prizes


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Brilliant Brolly Entry Form

Brilliant Brolly Entry Form

Please fill out your details below. You will be redirected to our Paypal site to complete your transaction. You can then contact to arrange collection of your special umbrella. If you have any questions please contact

All proceeds will go to Duldig Studio. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Duldig Studio is Fully Accredited by Museums Australia (Victoria) under its Museums Accreditation Program (MAP) and is an Australian Registered Charity.
NOTE: Entry fee includes an opening bid of $10 to the purchase of the decorated umbrella on Umbrella Day silent auction on Sunday 10 February 2019. You can outbid any other bidders and if unsuccessful your $10 will be refunded. All fees and bids are considered donations towards our Brilliant Brolly Campaign