Art Behind The Wire

Award Winning Tatura Internment Camp Exhibition

Art Behind the Wire Drawing

Karl Duldig, Under guard (3) c. 1940 pen and ink on paper, 300x210mm © The Duldig Studio

2014 Victorian Community History Awards Winner

In September 1940 the Duldig family found themselves ‘behind the wire’- war-time internees in Australia, far from their family in Europe, and new friends in Singapore. Designated ‘Enemy Aliens’ this sudden change in circumstance was a shock. Travelling from Singapore to Tatura Internment Camp 3D along with 295 other internees, mostly families, their story is one of resilience, ingenuity and persistence in the face of rigid official attitudes and initially negative public opinion. Their struggle for recognition as genuine refugees and how Karl Duldig’s art was shaped by the experience is the subject of this exhibition, which focuses on drawings and sculpture completed in Tatura and while in the Army, as well as later work. Admission Fee $20 ($10 Concession). Group Bookings and Tour $20.  T: 03 9885 3358  E: Download the exhibition flyer here

Sponsored by the Besen Foundation