Support Space to Create - Improved Museum Spaces for Public Enjoyment, Outreach & Cultural Programs
To donate on-line by credit card or PayPal please fill out the form below. The Duldig Studio is a registered charity.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

How your donation can help

Donation Support
$200 Towards volunteer programs which offer guided tours to community groups
$500 The expansion of the primary and secondary school visit program.
$1000 Support our Annual Children's Exhibition and Family Open Day
$2,000 Conserve and protect nationally significant drawings, paintings, photographs and other archives.
$5,000 Develop on-line and social media resources to extend our reach to remote audiences
$10,000 Reinstatement of the bedroom and other heritage rooms currently used for storage and office space.
$20,000 Employ a part-time education officer to run curriculum-based programs
$50,000 Towards ensuring the ongoing sustainability of this not-for-profit museum.

If you would like to discuss a bequest to Duldig Studio please contact

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Please fill out your details below and select your donation level. You will be redirected to our Paypal site to complete your donation. A receipt will be forwarded to your address.